Your Dream or Your Distraction?

2 Sep
Since I published my first book a year and a half ago, I cannot count the number of people who have approached me in one way or another telling me that it is also their dream to write a book. Often, those same individuals continue on to ask for my advice regarding how they should go about writing, publishing, or in some other aspect of the literary industry. I am not a hater, so I always provide them with a few words of encouragement and a few questions to challenge their thinking before sending them on their way.

But what I really want to say (deep down) is something entirely different. I really want to ask them, "Why?"

Why do you want to be an author? Why do you want to write books? Why is it so important for you to publish a book? Why do you feel that writing is your dream or passion? Why?

So often we choose our dreams, not based on who were are or what we are really good at, but some silly notion that becoming this or that person or entering into this or that field will make us look good or bring us into a whole lot of money. We do it for the wrong reasons then get frustrated when things don’t work out as we planned. How many people do you know that want to be a rapper, but can’t rhyme, or a singer, but can’t hold a tune? How many people want to be an actor, but have a hard time acting like themselves? How many people want to be a lawyer, but have horrible public speaking skills; or want to be a counselor, but can’t even resolve the conflict in their own lives? How many people want to be the president, but no one really likes them? How many people want to be a CEO, but are ridiculously unorganized and completely lack leadership and management skills? How many people want to be an author, but can’t even write a grammatically correct sentence?

So I ask the question again, "Why?"

Why do you want to be what you say you want to be? Is it because you see someone else doing it and it looks fun or easy to you? Are you willing to take both the good and the bad that comes along with this career choice? If you never make a dime doing it, if you’re never are successful at it, will you do it anyway?

Anytime we move away from our God-given purpose to pursue something else, it is a distraction. We waste so much of our lives trying to be someone else and live someone else’s dream, while our own life and our own dreams sit idly by hoping that we will get a clue and come back to where we belong. And while we are out trying to be something we were never created to be, allowing ourselves to be distracted by pseudo glitz and glam, our work in this world goes undone. The people we were suppose to help, continue to suffer. The changes we were supposed to make, never get made. The lives we were suppose to touch, go unaffected.

I can’t tell you your purpose, but I can say this: Stay in your lane. Ask yourself the hard questions, figure out where you’re supposed to be, and get there. Society needs you to play the role you were destined to play, but that cannot happen until you get into your position.

And when you get there, how will you know you’re there? Because everyday, from that moment on, you will bless someone, just by being you.          

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