After the Rain

3 Sep
I love to travel. To me, it is so amazing to go somewhere new, try something different, experience the diversity of this world. My most recent travels were via cruise, exploring the Western Caribbean including Grand Cayman Island and Cozumel, Mexico. I know the rules: what happens on the boat, stays on the boat; however, the story I want to share with you all actually happened while we were ported in Mexico, so technically, I am at liberty to talk about it.

I am not really big on participating in cruise-arranged excursions, so once we ported, my plans were to get off the boat and walk around the port, checking out the various vendors in the vicinity. Because we were doing things according to our own time and agenda, a friend and I took our time preparing to leave the boat, avoiding the initial exiting rush. Eventually, we made our way to disembarkation, excited about exploring the Mexican island.

And we were looking good. Sundresses, designer shades, cute sandals, hair styled, and shiny jewelry to top it off. We were ready.

Because the water near land is so shallow, most large boats cannot get close to shore. Many ports have smaller boats that bring cruise ship passengers to shore. In Cozumel, there is this ridiculously long pier that extends from land out to sea, made so that porting ships can release their passengers without the use of these small boats.

When we exited the boat, the weather was hot and humid, but the overcast gave notice that rain was on its way. We began to walk this long pier with high hopes and expectations for what awaited us on land. A few minutes into our walk, the rain began to fall. Hard. Monsoon-like in fact.

Chaos erupted amongst those on the pier. People dashing either back to the boat or towards shore, frantic because both options were so far away that running to avoid getting wet was useless. I didn’t run. There was no way I could make it to land without getting wet. The rain was coming down so fast and heavy that within seconds, I was already drenched. I felt bad for the handicapped lady riding on one of those mobile chair devices because it couldn’t go any faster than I was walking and like me, she got rained on too.

By the time we reached land, we no longer looked good. Our dresses were soaking wet, hair dripping, water falling into our eyes. We could barely see and the few napkins we found couldn’t begin to resolve our problem. At this point we were faced with two options: Return to the ship, get cleaned up and possibly come back out to land a little later or keep on moving and enjoy Mexico in wet clothes.

I’m glad we chose the latter. Minutes later it stopped raining and the sun radiated across the sky as if it had never left. We grabbed a slushy drink, shopped a bit and listened to a Mariachi band, then purchased a horse and carriage ride, touring the streets of Cozumel in diva-like fashion. The scenery was majestic, the ambiance was tranquil, and I just couldn’t shake this overwhelming feeling of gratitude within me. I was thankful that I hadn’t turned back, thankful that I was blessed to experience such beauty, thankful that I was receiving everything that I needed at that moment.    

That is how life works. When the rain comes, we have a choice to make. Are we going to give up, turn around, let a little water steal everything we hoped and planned? Or are we going to persevere, keeping moving forward, shake off the drops and endure to see what comes next?

By the time we returned to the boat, my dress was still a little damp, but who cares? It was worth being uncomfortable for a few hours in exchange for a memory that will last me a lifetime.                   


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