A River Runs Through It

7 Sep
Most days I try to read something positive and spiritually enlightening to get my day started. Often, I read a devotional book called My Upmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers. Yesterday’s devotion described the path of a river. It stated that a river is persistent and it overcomes all barriers; that when a obstacle blocks a river’s course, the river will eventually find a way around the obstacle. I’ve noticed in my own life that many times when I read from that particular devotional book, by the end of the day, something will occur in my life that brings greater understanding to the devotion’s message.

A few hours later I found myself in the midst of an interesting conversation with an old schoolmate. She was feeling frustrated and slightly overwhelmed because her good plans and intentions were being blocked by people who were supposed to be there to help. She found herself caught up in "politics" which always and unfortunately seem to hinder "progress." Because of the resistance she was experiencing, she began to question her involvement and consider backing up from the matter.

Of course, I urged her to remain in the battle.

Later that evening, the devotional returned to me, reminding me that it had given me the wisdom I needed for that day. I was right; she had to keep fighting, perseverance was the key.

We all are like rivers, set on a path that curves and bends to life’s many seasons and changes. Sometimes we are full and fast like raging rapids, other times we are slow and calm as a stream or brook. Yet despite our intensity or path, we keep moving; we keep flowing. And just like a river, obstacles will cross our path from time to time. Things will get in the way of our hopes, dreams, plans, visions, and desires. These "obstacles" will threaten our joy, peace, and the very things that make us smile. We know in our hearts that we are on the right path, but setbacks and situations will cause us to ask ourselves, "Did I make a wrong turn somewhere?"

As I told my old classmate, obstacles were not meant to stop us; they were meant to teach us something new. The river does not allow an obstacle to prevent it from flowing, it just figures out another way or path to flow in. At times, as with levees and even some dams, the water persists so much that if not properly maintained, the river will force its way through the man-made barrier.

It’s time for us to be more persistent. It is time for us to learn how to persevere. If it were not for the refusal to give up, major victories like Civil Rights and Civil Wars would not be won. Obstacles force us to look inside ourselves and bring out attributes we never knew we possessed. They make us get up, stop being so spoiled, and demand more from ourselves and the world around us. As an author, I realize the importance of obstacles. A book has to have an obstacle or it’s pointless. Every good book has some circumstance or situation that the character(s) must overcome or resolve by the books’ conclusion. The books (and movies) we hate are the ones that have either no conflict or no resolution.

So today my question is this: What is the obstacle in your life and how do you intend to get around or through it? The answers you need and the tools you require to overcome already reside inside of yourself. Look deep down, pull out what you need, and like a river, keep flowing.         


2 Responses to “A River Runs Through It”

  1. Theresa October 11, 2010 at 9:00 pm #


    It’s funny that th dayI visit you page, I find this topic. Over the past few days, I have fellt this way; likethepeople who are supose to hlp me and support me are blocking progress. Needless to say, I was contemplating backing away again. Yes again, because I have done it so may times in the past. Today, the situation had overwhelmed o much it brought me to tears, because I have never ben so clsoe to realizing my dreams. I realized the reason fo this realization had nothing to do with those I thought should be supporting me, but some nerw found friends (family), who have been helpin and guiding me an making me eel that it is possible. I decided,I ws not giving up. I have been investing my whole being in this dream, Godhas placed people in my path to guide me along this path andI will not overlook his blessings. Thank you for your post. I ‘m happy to say, I’m feeling much better now.

    • drawilson October 11, 2010 at 10:45 pm #


      Wow! I am glad that this blog blessed you and was what you needed when you needed it. Yes, sometimes the support we want is not always there and many times, it is the negativity that meets us. But keep pressing toward the mark. The road may not always be easy, but you are not alone. He is with you.

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