The Last Dragon

19 Oct

Recently while perusing through Big Lots, I found the movie “The Last Dragon” among their $3 DVD’s. Being a classic film, I had to have it. For those of you not familiar with Berry Gordy’s movie “The Last Dragon,” it is about a Black martial arts student who is told by his trainer that he will complete his studies when he finds “The Master.” The movie follows his desperate journey to find The Master which includes running from a gang of martial arts thugs, meeting a pretty singer who wants him to be a bodyguard with benefits, and trying to prove to his little brother that he isn’t a coward.

Back in the day (1985 to be exact), the movie was a hit among African Americans, bringing together lively music, great fighting scenes, and laugh-out-loud comedy. To this day, I can quote probably 1/3 of the movie and I know all of the songs!

But what is so interesting is that although entertaining, the movie really had a message. Now back in 1985, I was a child and therefore I didn’t notice or even care about the message; I was too busy singing Vanity’s songs. Yesterday, when I purchased the DVD the theme song flew through my mind and so did the movie’s message.

“You are the last dragon, you possess the power of the glow.”

In the movie, the student finally figures out that he is actually the person he has been looking for. He is The Master. Everything he needs to move forward with his life, he already has, inside. The entire movie he has lacked the confidence to fight for himself, feeling as if he is incomplete and unprepared to live an optimal life. He allows this insecurity to keep him from living, loving, and letting go. But in the midst of a dangerous fight with “Sho Gun” (the leader of the martial arts gang), he finally realizes that he has greatness inside of himself and that he is a winner.

This reminds me of my own life. For so many years I’ve walked around not truly understanding the greatness within myself, allowing insecurities to keep me from excelling in certain areas; not realizing that everything I was looking for, I already had, deep inside of me. I am sure your story is the same.

We often look to other people to validate us and give us the power to be our best, but this is incorrect thinking. God has placed within each of us the power to validate ourselves and be the hero that we have been seeking.

So with this week’s blog, I leave you with three things.

1. The lyrics. You can read the lyrics to The Last Dragon at   But here are a few of the words that are extremely powerful…

It’s time to leave the nest where you were born
This journey you must make alone.
(Spread your wings and fly)
There’s a power deep inside you, an inner strength
You’ll find in time of need.
(The Glow) -by Dwight David

2. The music. Here is a link to hear the song The Last Dragon:

3. The message. Everything you need, you already possess; just look inside.

Until the next time, stay positive…


6 Responses to “The Last Dragon”

  1. Toi October 19, 2010 at 11:55 am #

    I only watch the movie to hear the song “Rhythm of the Night”

    • drawilson October 19, 2010 at 7:27 pm #

      That is the jam! But there are some other good songs and parts of the movie too!

  2. Abigail-Madison Chase October 19, 2010 at 12:35 pm #

    As always you challenge me to rethink what I am thinking. Your blog is an inspiration!

  3. Tammy Gary October 19, 2010 at 7:01 pm #

    ok…I actually own the movie and soundtrack for the film and used to listen to the “Last Dragon” song to pump myself up for a competition…the song really does have an awesome message!

    • drawilson October 19, 2010 at 7:26 pm #

      LOL@ Tammy for owning the Soundtrack! I thought I knew all the songs! I also like the song The Glow. If I had that soundtrack people would not want to ride in the car with me! Matter of fact…Let me go to Amazon or Ebay and see if I can get it for the low! LOL

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