The Answers Surround You

24 Nov

The answers to many of life’s most puzzling questions are closer than you think. How do I save my failing marriage? What do I do if I think my partner is cheating? What is the best form of discipline for my children? When is the best time to make a major purchase like a car or a house? Should I go back to school? Be a housewife? Start a business?

Before you pick up that phone to dial the psychic hotline or one of your well-intentioned but foolish friends, try something else: Look around you. As you are sitting at the Thanksgiving table, eating turkey (possibly fried), dressing, and baked macaroni and cheese, look to your left and to your right, or even across the table. As you are watching the kids unwrap presents on Christmas morning, look in the kitchen or at the recliner in the corner. Am I confusing you? Don’t get it yet?

Some of the best advice you can get comes from those who have been there, done that, and bought the T-shirt. During the Holiday Season countless relatives surround us, including generations previous to us, carrying the lessons of life tucked away in their smiles. Your grandmother who is sitting next to you at the table or that great-aunt who is making breakfast on Christmas morning know exactly how you are feeling because they went through the same thing 40 years ago. That uncle who fries the turkeys every year or your daddy who still hasn’t fixed the sink in the guest bathroom can feel your pain because they had to overcome that obstacle as well.

As a society we have forgotten the blessing of wisdom that comes from previous generations. We’ve become so caught up in what we want and thoughts that we have all of the answers ourselves that we blindly go into decisions or we let some other “blind” person lead us. I am constantly sharing with my friends how much I love living in “the country” because of all of the personal growth that has come my way through connection to older people. I simply crave being in a room full of women two and three times my age, gleaning from their stories both good and bad. In their presence I learn that the good man who is so and so’s husband cheated some years ago, but they survived it and now have one of the best marriages I’ve ever seen. I hear about the career sacrifices made by a housewife and see the beauty of a loving family that has resulted. I gain the tricks of bargain shopping, embrace the genius of storing away, and receive the delight of family recipes and remedies. I take all of this in with pleasure, understanding these are the truths that have maintained families throughout history.

The answers you seek surround you. Don’t be afraid to ask for the insight, knowledge, and stories of the people you love and respect who have lived through much harder times than you will ever know. Make it your mission to receive this season the gift of wisdom and to enter into the new year being smarter, mentally stronger, and wiser than ever before.

One Response to “The Answers Surround You”

  1. Abigail-Madison Chase November 25, 2010 at 11:08 am #

    This blog is on point. I have learned this the hard way. People will give you foolish advice they would not take. The person that has been through the storm can always tell you how to survive the big waves that will turn over your boat. Great blog for Thanksgving.

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