Write, Right Now!

3 Jan

The new year is often filled with resolutions, things we hope and plan to accomplish during the present year. Many want to lose weight or become healthier, some wish to return to school or advance in their careers, but if you are a writer (or want to be a writer), mostly likely you intend to write.

Writing, although seemingly easy, is a complex activity. Speaking for myself, I often wake up each morning with every intention to write, to make progress on a book, to edit, to blog, to meet a writing goal, but so often I fall asleep at night never having typed the first sentence. I allow distractions, other obligations, fatigue, laziness, and any other obstacle to prevent me from doing what I know need to do: write. Sometimes I get stuck on a topic or chapter, sometimes my mind won’t cooperate with me and I can’t pull my thoughts together enough to create a written masterpiece. As I said, writing is a complex activity.

Today while hosting a Blog Talk Radio Show (The Lit Fest Lounge), my guest, Bestselling Author Kendra Norman-Bellamy made a comment that stirred my spirit. I have been saying that I want to be more faithful to my gift of writing and Mrs. Norman-Bellamy’s statement confirmed what God has been whispering to me all along. Write every day. Kendra reported to listeners that writing for her “is as easy as breathing” because she does it daily like any other daily habit or regimen. If you are a writer this sounds like a little piece of heaven, to be able to write as easy as it is to breathe. I’m not sure about you, but I want that level of flow and consistency in my craft. There are numerous stories and topics that have been placed deep within me to share with the world through my ability to write well, but what is inside me will never bless and touch those that it was meant for if I don’t exhibit a higher level of devotion to this calling and talent.

So today, I am choosing to write, right now. I am also challenging others to join me. The Ladies of the Dove Literary Festival takes place on Saturday, March 12, 2011, less than 70 days away. I challenge those who love and want to write to write daily from today until the day of the festival. There are many variations of how long it takes habitual behavior to form, but most estimate it takes 30-90 days. If this is the case, by March 12th, we should all be in the habit of writing. What a great habit to have!

So who is in? I am…what about you?

To listen to the radio interview with Kendra Norman-Bellamy visit www.blogtalkradio.com/litfest. To find out more about the 2011 Ladies of the Dove Literary Festival visit www.chipizeta.org/LiteraryFestival2011.aspx.


One Response to “Write, Right Now!”

  1. Adrienna Turner February 8, 2011 at 12:38 am #

    Let me know how that writing is going! I know that there is a difference with those who want to write versus who are called to write. I know that I am mandated to write for those who are lost (e.g. lost hope, faith, love, and even to unbelievers and to mature believers in their spiritual maturity with Christ). I know I tried to stop writing, but God got on my case a couple days ago…and jot notes to strengthen and develop one of my past manuscripts I put aside. This is a part of the process of writing, not always typing on laptop words to the manuscript, but the preparation in the journal for a future masterpiece for the teens during my not-writing-moments.

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