Day 3 – To Self-Publish or Not to Self-Publish?

3 Nov

Self-publishing. Although once viewed as inadequate, self-publishing has now become an acceptable and sometimes desirable form of publishing. New authors debate whether they should attempt to go traditional or just “do it themselves,” while veteran authors consider stepping out (or back) into the world of independent publishing. Many well-known authors and books have started out self-published and have had so much success independently that big publishing houses quickly scooped them up, also wanting a piece of the pie. So the question remains…Do I self-publish?

The answer: It depends. Whether or not you self-publish depends on what you want and need. Self-publishing is an awesome tool for authors at every level who want to bypass the politics and process of traditional publishing. Self-publishing offers higher and faster royalty incentives, as well as a chance to maintain more control over your own work. On the flipside, those who know very little about publishing and marketing often struggle with self-publishing. Being an author alone is hard work, but being a self-published author is more work because the full responsibility of your book rests on your shoulders.

I am a self-published author. When I first came into the literary industry, I decided to self-publish because I wanted to understand the publishing process, as well as I didn’t want to go through the hoops and hurdles of finding an imprint interested in my books. I always believed that although I started this way, eventually, I would “graduate” into traditional publishing. But the longer I remain in the business, the more I wonder if I will ever chose to venture into traditional publishing. I have so much more freedom where I am that the idea of embracing unwanted limitations is unappealing. Interestingly, after fighting the notion for years, I have finally decided to become a publisher, launching Divine Garden Press in early 2012. My books (as well as others’ books) will now have a home, but still retain the liberty that I have come to expect and crave.

If you are an author considering publishing options, figure out what is most important for you to have and move towards the type of publishing that best suits your needs.


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One Response to “Day 3 – To Self-Publish or Not to Self-Publish?”

  1. Norlita brown November 4, 2011 at 6:19 pm #

    This is an ongoing topic with authors indeed. I love being self-published and have absolutely no desire to be under anyone else’s umbrella but my own. One of the reasons you highlighted in this blog is that mainstream publishers see an indie making money and then want a piece of that. Well, that’s my feelings exactly, if you see something in my work worth promoting to that extent, then I want to be the one making the money that you see. I believe the decision ultimately comes down to whether or not you want to invest the time and money into your work – also whether or not you are able to.

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