Day 8 – Learning from Past Mistakes

8 Nov

Early this afternoon, I was co-hosting the Christian Authors on Tour Blogtalk Radio Show when the guest began talking about common mistakes authors make as it relates to marketing. After the show, I found myself thinking about my growth as a published author and all of the mistakes that I’ve made over the years, and trust, there have been many. Thankfully, I am someone who will learn from mistakes and work hard to improve the next time around. There are many things that I’ve done with my new release that weren’t even considered in the past, such as this 30-Day blog, that demonstrate the lessons learned.

As authors, we should always be growing. Even New York Times Bestsellers should be continuously adjusting and figuring out ways to do things better the next time. When we stop developing, it is like we are saying, “I know everything and I am perfect,” which will never be true.

Can you be honest with yourself and admit the mistakes you’ve made along the way? Even if you are not a writer, there are lessons in every area of life awaiting your acknowledgement. If you are a writer, what are the errors that you have made in the past that if taken into consideration, could propel you into being a better author?

I will publicly admit three of my biggest author/writer mistakes, just to get the honesty rolling:

  1. Not hiring an editor. Okay, I am so faithful to my editor now, but in the past, I let my lack of funds keep me from having a predominately grammatically free manuscript.
  2. Not making my book a big deal. I can be shy at times so I have not always tooted my own horn when I needed to. My books may not be a huge deal to me, but they are to the people who really need the messages in them.
  3. Being afraid. Yeah, I said it. I was scared; sometimes still am. It’s like that famous quote, our biggest fear is how wonderful we really are. I admit that the outcome of people really seeing the greatness in me frightens me. That fear has held me back from being all that I could be as an author which is a mistake; a mistake I am learning from.

So what are the mistakes you have made and need to or are learning from?

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One Response to “Day 8 – Learning from Past Mistakes”

  1. Norlita brown November 8, 2011 at 3:53 pm #

    Book covers – I think one of the biggest mistakes that I have made as a writer is not searching for the perfect cover artist with the perfect pricing. I find myself looking at my covers and feeling taken complete advantage of. So I would advise everyone to do your research and find the one that is not only good at what they do, but they’re also not trying to pay all their bills with just one client.

    I will be using an editor this time as well, but I am still on the fence where they are concerned because I believe their prices are extremely high and for it to come back “predominately” grammatically error free or still have blaring typo’s is to me unreasonable.

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