Does It Ever End?

7 Dec

When I released my most recent novel, Wife 101, on November 11th, I sighed in relief. When I completed a short story for an anthology that I am a part of a couple of weeks later, I sighed again. Rest, sweet rest, I thought. I made a pact with myself: No more major writing until the New Year. Just chill out and rest your tired brain.

I lied to myself. I have already officially started writing the sequel to Wife 101, Husband 101. It’s not my fault. I wanted to rest, I needed to rest, but my mind wouldn’t let it go. Every day was like a battle. Something inside whispered, “You should be writing.”

 I screamed back at it, “NO! I need to relax! I just finished writing! When does it end?”

I guess it doesn’t. I guess it is like every other career out there. You accomplish something great, you give yourself a pat on the back, and you dive into the next big thing. (Sigh)

I don’t want to stop writing; I guess I’m in love with it. I just get tired some times. But the stories are all around me, calling me to tell them, to bring them to life. Who knew this would be an endless process? 



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