The Calm Before The Tour

23 Oct

I am enjoying a good book, lounging on my sofa with a mug filled with hot coffee. Today is quiet, serene, calm. But it won’t stay that way. My newest novel, Husband 101, will be made available to the public next Tuesday. The official release date of the book is November 3, 2012, but I am surprising readers with the chance to buy the book as early as October 30th on Amazon, Kindle, and Nook.

Husband 101 is the sequel to Wife 101, a novel about a woman who must learn about her role, as well as how to become more virtuous to get the companionship she desires. In Husband 101, the tables are turned and the perspective is given from the male viewpoint. Both books are unique in the sense that they are a mixture of fiction and nonfiction, inspiring readers while educating and entertaining. Due to the personal growth aspects of these novels, workbooks connected to each book are also available.

To promote the new book, I will be embarking on a book tour that includes events and speaking engagements in seven US cities.  For a list of the events that are open to the public, please see the schedule below.  For more information on this series please visit

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