Not Feeling Christmas? 7 Ways to Get Into the Christmas Spirit

13 Dec

I missed Thanksgiving. While everyone back home was carving turkeys and Black Friday shopping, I was on a cruise, enjoying the Southern Caribbean. It was wonderful, relaxing, and much-needed, but when I returned home, I realized that Thanksgiving festivities are essential to my preparation for Christmas. By missing my rituals, Christmas didn’t feel like the next logical holiday. Now, I’m in a Christmas rut, struggling with embracing the Christmas spirit.

Can anyone else feel my pain?

No matter the reason why you may not be completely in the Christmas mood, there are ways to jump-start your Christmas spirit and get your attitude “merry” before the 25th. Here are seven ways to put the jingle back into your bells…

  1. Decorate. I know you don’t feel like putting up the tree and a bunch of lights that will have to come back down in a matter of weeks, but decorating can definitely spark that Christmas feeling.
  2. Watch a Christmas Movie. Hallmark and Lifetime are great for playing a wide range of holiday films in the month of December. If you’re not into those two channels, buy or rent Christmas films you love. I recommend Elf, This Christmas, and The Christmas Story.
  3. Listen to Christmas Music. There is nothing like your favorite singers/musicians covering Christmas carols to set the season into gear. I typically buy one new Christmas album each year. This year it was The Best Man Holiday Soundtrack, but my favorite Christmas album of all is Mariah Carey’s Merry Christmas.
  4. Bake/Eat Christmas Treats. What’s the holidays without cookies, cakes, pies, and other sugar-filled pastries? A few iced gingerbread cookies should crank-up your holiday mood.
  5. Go to a Christmas Party. Being around others, especially those in the Christmas spirit, can have a noticeable impact on your mood. Energy (both positive and negative) can be contagious, so get around people who will spread their Christmas cheer.
  6. Wrap & Give Gifts. Giving takes the focus off you and puts it onto others. This is the essence of Christmas – showing love through giving as God gave His son. Giving to others will certainly increase your holiday spirit. Make sure to wrap the gifts which adds to the fun for you and the receiver.
  7. Read a Christmas Book/Story. Reading allows you to escape, and reading a Christmas story can take you into the center of the season. If you’re looking for an inspirational holiday ebook, check out my newest collaboration, Christmas with the King. It includes two novelettes that are sure to brighten your Christmas and prepare you for the most wonderful time of the year!

Christmas with the King CoverDownload Christmas with the King



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