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22 Jan

To celebrate the release of my newest short story, Vanity 2, I am offering Vanity for free on Kindle for two days only! Yes, you heard me correctly, FREE! How exciting!

The Vanity Collection features three short stories, Vanity, which was released in 2013, Vanity 2, which is now available, and Vanity 3, which is coming in the Summer of 2014. Want to know more about Vanity? Check out each book’s synopsis and make sure to get them on Kindle!

Vanity 2014-page001Vanity

Beautiful, wealthy, and famous, Persia has it all…except she’s still not number #1. Nonetheless, one trip to the beauty salon changes everything. Unaware of the spiritual ramifications, Persia believes that her new look could take her to the top. Unfortunately, it could also lead her to her demise. From the pen of Christian thriller writer Janell, comes another shocking story that reminds us all of the continuous war between wickedness and God’s will.

Get Vanity on Kindle Free:

Vanity 2-page001

Vanity 2

Persia Avakian has been on good behavior since her frightful experience with a haunted hairpiece two years prior. Her slight change of attitude has earned her a whirlwind romance with popular movie producer Jeff Donaldson. Jeff wants marriage, but Persia’s not ready to give up the single life just yet. Despite her resistance to marriage, she promises Jeff a compromise—a baby. Nonetheless, Persia isn’t willing to ruin her flawless body with pregnancy. Ignoring the advice of her best friend and assistant, Mela, Persia seeks out a suitable, secret surrogate to carry her love child. Unfortunately, picking the wrong surrogate is more horrifying than stretch marks could ever be. Will Persia ever learn that the price of vanity is one she can’t afford to pay?

Get Vanity 2 on Kindle for only $0.99:

Vanity 3-page001Vanity 3! Coming Soon!


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