New Book Alert: Family of Lies by Mary Monroe

20 Jun

liesNew York Times bestselling author Mary Monroe weaves a stunning portrait of a family immersed in deceit … and the women whose happiness depend on the secrets they keep…

After growing up poor in Texas, Vera Lomax used every gold-digging trick in the book to land a rich husband. Now living in the lap of luxury, her only job is to fawn over her much-older husband, so it’s been easy for her to balance a life of shopping and affairs with younger men with a major secret: the sixteen-year bribery of one of her husband’s mistresses to keep her pregnancy secret. Vera figures that a little hush money every month will ensure her husband’s fortune is hers alone…

Unfortunately for Vera, Sarah Cooper is the child Kenneth Lomax always wanted. When the father she never knew showed up at her mother’s funeral to claim her, it’s a fairy tale journey from the ghetto to a mansion on a hill. But Sarah’s life is not as carefree as her father wants it to be… because Sarah knows from the start that her step-mother is as two-faced as they come. And after losing all the family she’s ever known, she wants a life that’s richer than what Vera’s got planned for her.

Neither woman can be sure who will win Kenneth’s heart and fortune. But as Vera and Sarah set the course to live on her own terms, they’ll have everyone they know choosing sides, taking chances, and gambling it all to come out on top…


About the Author

MonroeMary2005sigMary Monroe is the third child of Alabama sharecroppers and the first and only member of her family to finish high school. She never attended college or any writing classes. She taught herself how to write and started writing short stories around age four. She spent the first part of her life in Alabama and Ohio and moved to Richmond, California in 1973. She has lived in Oakland since 1984.

Her first novel THE UPPER ROOM was published by St. Martin’s Press in 1985 and was widely reviewed throughout the U.S. and in Great Britain. An excerpt is included in Terry McMillan’s anthology BREAKING ICE. She endured fifteen years and hundreds of more rejection letters before landing a contract for her second novel, GOD DON’T LIKE UGLY. It was published in October 2000 by Kensington Books. GOD DON’T PLAY is her seventh novel to be published, and it landed her a spot on the prestigious New York Times Bestsellers list for the first time! Her eighth novel, BORROW TROUBLE, was released December 2006. Her ninth novel, DELIVER ME FROM EVIL, was released September 2007 and her tenth novel, SHE HAD IT COMING, was released in September 2008, and her eleventh novel THE COMPANY WE KEEP was released in March 2009. In September 2009, GOD AIN’T BLIND was released and in June 2010, GOD AIN’T THOUGH YET was released. MAMA RUBY, the prequel to THE UPPER ROOM was released in June 2011, and her fifteenth novel, GOD DON’T MAKE NO MISTAKES, was released June 2012. LOST DAUGHTERS, the sequel to the Upper Room was released May 2013, and her seventeenth novel Family Of Lies was released May 27, 2014.

She won the Oakland Pen Award for Best Fiction of the Year in 2001 for GOD DON’T LIKE UGLY. She won the Best Southern Author Award for GONNA LAY DOWN MY BURDENS, in 2004.

Mary is divorced, loves to travel, loves to mingle with other authors, and loves to read anything by Ernest Gaines, Stephen King, Alice Walker, and James Patterson. She still write seven days a week and gets most of her ideas from current events, the people around her, but most of her material is autobiographical.

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